Our Outcomes

Honor Roll Agency

Concerned African Women is one of the best performing agencies in Miami-Dade County in helping children and parents put their lives on track to success. The agency has earned the trust of providers and consumers alike as an asset to the community.

We Love our Success Stories!

Shaquivia Alvin, a single mom raising five boys, turned to CAW’s New Dimension in Parenting when one of her sons got into trouble. “I learned a lot about parenting,” Alvin told The Trust Board. “New Dimensions taught me skills to help me listen and discipline better, and got me involved in my community.” Alvin joined the PTA at her sons´ school and is now the president.”

Honor Roll Agency

Third Party Evaluation

CAW’s work has been monitored and evaluated by third-party experts. Their reports reflect CAW as a leader in operations and impact

Service Levels

In virtually every case, CAW programs serve more people than the number required by funders

Utilization Rates

For the past three years, CAW’s Out of School programs achieved utilization rates above 100%. Across all programs, utilization rates exceed 90%.

Referral Partners

Monitoring, Funding & Major Referral Partners CAW’s ability to execute life-changing services and programs is validated by the years-long relationship of the agency with leading funders and referral partners who entrust us to serve the families they target. These include:

The Children’s Trust
Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners
Miami-Dade County Youth Crime Task Force
Miami-Dade County Criminal Justice Council
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services Division
Miami Dade County Public Schools
AT&T Corporation
The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation

Company Highlights

 Recipient of the Inclusion Award by the Advocacy Network for Disabilities

We are poised to serve over 1,500 people in 2020

 National recognition by the Clinton Foundation &  Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Our Synergy Service Partnership currently comprises of over 25 community-based organizations

Named among ‘South Florida’s Top Black Educators of 2016’

 Awarded as the 2018 Champions for Children Program of the Year by The Children’s Trust

Identified by name in The Children’s Trust Annual Report of 2013 & 2016

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