#WhyWeVOTE: Ms. Michelle Johnson, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Concerned African Women, Inc shares why she is passionate about voting.

Let's Get Out To VOTE flyer
Flyer food truck blue Let's Get Out To VOTE flyer.

Our voice is more important now than ever! Do your part in honoring the great Congressman John Lewis by VOTING! 

Join us on the road to Election Day as we utilize our platform to shed light on the importance of VOTING. We encourage you all to do the same by sharing your own thoughts via social media using the hashtag #WhyWeVOTE and tagging us! 

Our goal is to not only engage our community & respective networks on the importance of VOTING but also to give rise to voices that should be heard.

As the world faces one of its biggest obstacles at the hands of the Covid19 pandemic, school closures and job losses have left many community members unable to properly provide for their families. As a response, Concerned African Women, Inc. alongside other social service partners has stepped up to the plate to offer valuable resources such as food/groceries, tablets/laptops and free therapy sessions to parents & families. If you would like to volunteer to help please contact us at 305-621-3700.

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