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Welcome to Concerned African Women

Concerned African Women was founded in 1989 by 3 women who saw a need for children of African descent to learn more about their history and heritage. This band of 3 volunteers recruited 12 students to teach them Swahili and expose them to the arts.

The women soon discovered that most of their middle school aged pupils were reading well below their grade levels (8th graders reading on a 2nd grade level). They determined that if these children were going to learn their history, they would first have to learn to read. It was then Concerned African Women launched a unique cultural curriculum, anchored by a literacy acceleration program that continues to produce exceptional results.

Today 31 years later, Concerned African Women has a team of 99 professionals, including certified teachers, licensed social workers, and credentialed staff. We have partnered with county governments, foundations, and corporations to raise millions in grants and donations for our programming.

All programs are rooted in the affirmation that self-awareness is essential to success and is the bedrock ingredient to positive self-determination. For this reason, all of our programs incorporate training in history, culture, and self-identity.We affirm and encourage everyone to be part of the “Change” you want to see in the world by joining and/or helping to sustain the synergistic efforts and powerful outcomes achieved in our “Village.”.

CAW’s Cultural Impact curriculum works to anchor clients, 90% of whom are of African descent – in their artistic and academic success history in order to steep them in a culture of success.

All CAW programs open with the kids reciting our trademark “Daily Pledge To Myself” and sing an anthem in “Swahili“ language. In addition, we incorporate CAW’s Olde Fashioned Manners curriculum in each program to normalize the behaviors of respect for oneself and authority, as well as courtesy and positive communication.


To raise an army of minds prepared to take on the responsibility that comes with self-determination. To erect, own and operate within a state of the art facility that houses all of our administrative and programming needs primarily focused on Art, Reading & Technology responsive to the changing priorities of the children, youth and families we serve.


To unify people around the artistic, educational and social needs of children and families. Concerned African Women provides a continuum of care centered on after school and summer programming that includes: artistic exploration and academic enhancement with a primary focus on literacy, technology training for both youth and adults, family empowerment and family strengthening, life skills development, opportunities for cultural engagement, behavioral modification incentives, arts and recreational sports activities and promotion of membership in a synergistic national VILLAGE network of concerned citizens.

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