This partnership, organizes the work of 22 community based and government agencies, with CAW as the lead. With these partners CAW is able to effectively coordinate wrap-around services within a holistic System of Care. The Synergy Service Partnership helps families “navigate existing systems” and empowers them to avoid and empowers them to avoid and heal from child maltreatment, reduce truancy and youth delinquency, and improve family health and fitness.

Celebrating its 12th anniversary in 2016, this program uses the nationally recognized Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families & Communities curriculum, combined with an afterschool diversion program and parent engagement to embolden and strengthen family communication and interaction while simultaneously creating community advocates.

Over eight weeks, this program reduces delinquent behavior for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. CAW’s 17 year partnership with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has aided nearly 2,000 high-risk youth at a vulnerable time in their lives; and independent evaluations reflect that 93% of our youth avoid re-arrest.

With an enrollment of over 375 summer campers in grades K-12, our summer program incorporates Art and Academics. Coupled with our afterschool program, 100% of our students improve or maintain learning gains and 96% improve their health and fitness levels.

This year-long program channels the power of ‘Parents in Education & Advocacy’ and prevention, as the most influential factors in children’s success. CAW’s program and the resulting Independent Parent Council is lauded by school teachers for helping to generate large increases in parental engagement, and for relationship skill building among parents.

Our flagship afterschool program continues to be our most successful. The program improves grades, attendance and standardized test scores, along with improve at least 1 level on the FCAT after 18 weeks of instruction. Students also learn healthy eating and fitness habits to reduce generational obesity.

#WhyWeVOTE: Ms. Michelle Johnson, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Concerned African Women, Inc shares why she is passionate about voting.

Let's Get Out To VOTE flyer
Flyer food truck blue Let's Get Out To VOTE flyer.

Our voice is more important now than ever! Do your part in honoring the great Congressman John Lewis by VOTING! 

Join us on the road to Election Day as we utilize our platform to shed light on the importance of VOTING. We encourage you all to do the same by sharing your own thoughts via social media using the hashtag #WhyWeVOTE and tagging us! 

Our goal is to not only engage our community & respective networks on the importance of VOTING but also to give rise to voices that should be heard.

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