We affirm that "Education is as vital to life as air" and everyone deserves a fair shot at becoming great! For the past 25 years Concerned African Women, Inc. has worked diligently to create and maintain "Synergy" with funders, partners and friends to nurture and support "total literacy" among the children, youth and families we serve.

Carolyn '"Kiani" Nesbitt
Founder, President & CEO
Concerned African Women, Inc.

Our Concerns

Our Vision Drives Our Actions

According to statistics reported by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often referred to as the Nation’s Report Card - Over one-half (54%) of black 4th graders scored below the basic achievement level in reading on the NAEP in 2007, and 32% scored at a basic level of achievement. (“Basic” denotes partial mastery of knowledge and skills that are fundamental for proficient work at a given grade.) Only 14% scored at or above a proficient level; of these, just 2% scored at an advanced level.  Furthermore, Juvenile Justice statistics reveal that 85% of all juveniles who interface with the court system are functionally illiterate.

Vision without Action
is a Dreamer,
Action without Vision
is Passing Time,
Vision + Action
Will Change the World!

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Our Programs

NEW DIMENSIONS IN TOTAL LITERACY is the most complete way to teach emergent and early readers. By using strategies from music, movement, visual arts, and drama; children as well as adults not only comprehend the language of words more successfully, they also become literate in the other four languages. They achieve TOTAL literacy.  Presented in seven distinct formats New Dimensions has achieved staggering outcomes in the areas listed below:

You are invited to join this synergistic team! Become a partner and support the work of Concerned African Women's Village Network in achieving Total Literacy .

Our Impact

Academic Enhancement

Academic Performance

Our outcomes are well documented as children ages 6-13 attend year-round programming that emphasizes the importance of READING on grade level;

Parenting Skill Building Program

Outcomes are paramount in our unique approach to empowering parents to improve communication with their children and learn to be strong advocates for equity in education.

Synergy Service Partnership

Concerned African Women are leading the charge to unite area non-profits, businesses and system stakeholders by coordinating a "System of Care" that provides holistic supportive services to improve the quality of life for targeted children, youth and families.

CAW 25th Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Host Committee

Honorary Chairperson

Honorable Carrie P. Meek


Thomasina H. Williams
Lillie Q. Odom
Kenneth A. Murray

Committee Members

Mary Ingram-Roomes
Tonisha Spears
Wilbert "Tee" Holloway
Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall
Beverly Fray
Join the Conversation

We invite you to share your concerns and point of view candidly as we expand the conversation and gather solutions to the issue of ILLITERACY facing our world.


CAW believes that literacy is a pre-requisite for life success, and that total literacy is the only approach to addressing the interrelated challenges of young people living in highly challenged environments. By working hand in hand with parents, schools and community-based organizations, New Dimensions in Community Education fosters total literacy by focusing on the total environment.

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